Can you land your dream job? With the right forethought and preparation, you can make it come true. Have confidence in yourself and, as long as you realistically feel you meet the majority of job qualifications, go for it. But it involves a lot more than just polishing up your resume and clicking “submit.”

Focus on your transferable skills.

The requirements listed in a job description are guidelines. They’re very important, make no mistake about it. But you don’t necessarily have to satisfy every single one. It’s always a good move to focus on your transferable skills. Also known as soft skills, they are equally if not more important to success in any role. Transferable skills include:

  • Communication – both written and verbal.
  • Teamwork – the ability to achieve consensus and be open to varying ideas.
  • Leadership – in any role, whether you have direct reports or not.
  • Listening – recognizing the viewpoints of others. As the saying goes: seek first to understand.
  • Conflict resolution – using your listening skills to find common ground in the midst of disagreement.
  • Time management – prioritizing, delegating and when necessary, saying “no.”
  • Organization – keeping yourself and your team members on track and on point, even under the most hectic circumstances.

Submit a pre-interview project.

If you’re confident you could do the job and want to go the extra mile toward nailing down an interview, make a connection at the company who can refer you. Then, prove through the completion of a relevant project that you’re the best candidate. It will cause you to stand out among the competition in a unique and impressive fashion.

  • A direct point of contact is an invaluable resource. Numerous experts agree that if a candidate is at least 60 percent qualified for a position, they should go for it – if their way has been paved by a positive referral.

Know what’s negotiable and what’s not.

Be smart about determining which job requirements are negotiable and which are set in stone.

  • Put the posting into a word cloud application. See what stands out, and make sure your resume highlights your achievements using the right keywords. This is how you make it past applicant tracking systems and demonstrate to hiring managers that you’re the right fit.
  • Get insider knowledge about the company. Begin your research on LinkedIn, and then reach out via your full network, both on and off line.

Convey your enthusiasm in your cover letter.

Every time you submit your resume, accompany it with a compelling cover letter. This gives you an additional opportunity to convey your passion and enthusiasm for the job.

  • Draw the reader’s attention to your achievements and the unique value you would bring to the role. Take the time to personalize every cover letter. Clearly show how you have made a positive difference in the past.
  • Skills can be acquired, but enthusiasm is either there – or not. You can’t fake your passion, but you can – and should – express it throughout your job search.

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