Nothing means more to a coworker than the genuine appreciation and gratitude of their peers. In a recent survey of its employees, Google learned that the number-one thing they valued was not compensation or company stock, but recognition delivered in a personal, heartfelt way – especially if it was peer-to-peer acknowledgement.

Catch Your Coworkers in the Act

Be on the lookout for your colleagues going above and beyond to do something right, or even exceptional, during the course of their workday. Then, point it out to them in a sincere, specific way. This may help them to replicate their success, which is beneficial to them, to you, and to your company. Everybody wins!

Celebrate Small Victories

Recognize fellow employees as they reach even small, but significant, milestones – because small wins can be very motivating and add up to bigger ones.

  • Take a coworker out to lunch or for a celebratory coffee or drink. Or, identify and acknowledge their accomplishment during a team meeting. An individual thank you is personal and effective, but there’s often also room for more public appreciation. It doesn’t have to be big or flashy. Try working it into the agenda naturally, perhaps as part of a regular project update.

Express Genuine Thanks

Make it a point to end workplace conversations with a “thank you” whenever appropriate. Look your coworker in the eye, offer a warm smile, and thank them. It takes just two short words, but they can mean so much. And, gratitude and its positive after-effects can be highly contagious!

More Ideas

Showing your coworkers appreciation doesn’t have to involve anything lavish. In fact, going overboard with a thank-you may cause awkward feelings if a person is unable to reciprocate and fells as though they should. Often, the best ways are the small ways. For instance:

  • Praise them to a superior. Shoot their boss an email and identify something specific a colleague has done to help you or the company. Your recommendation could go a long way toward a raise or promotion for them in the future.
  • Offer to help them out. Has your coworker saved you time by taking something off your plate? Repay the favor by offering to pick up a task for them. It’s a gesture that will surely be appreciated.
  • Bring in a treat. Bake some brownies or pick up donuts or bagels on the way into work. It creates a festive atmosphere and is a great pick-me-up for the entire team. Or if you’re headed on vacation, bring back an inexpensive but meaningful gift. This is another great way to connect with a valued colleague.

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