With low unemployment rates – 3.9% in the U.S. in July, a month when the total number of unemployed workers declined by 284,000 – fewer people are looking for jobs. Among both active and passive candidates, recruitment becomes more challenging at times like this.

You Need to Motivate Applicants

Because of the smaller pool of candidates out there, you need to become more creative than ever as you motivate top talent to apply for your openings.

  • Placing ads and waiting for people to respond is no longer sufficient. Actually, it hasn’t been for quite some time, but in today’s market, you need to keep rethinking your approach and tactics. Increasingly, you need to build options like relocation, wage increases and employee engagement initiatives into your recruitment strategy.
  • Relocation incentives are no longer limited to top-level openings. For any jobs that require highly specialized skill sets – IT support representatives, for instance – you may need to look outside your local geographic area.
  • Passive candidates have always been a fruitful source of talent. They’re already gainfully employed, but with the right salary and compensation package, you can lure them away. Better work/life balance and ample career growth opportunities are among the most enticing benefits you can offer.

A Snapshot of the Challenge

If you need to recruit for a specialized finance or accounting job, you have your work cut out for you. A snapshot example is hiring a financial analyst, a role for which there will likely be fierce competition. You may wonder what it would take to get a passive candidate to make a career move at this time. For accounting and finance pros at all levels of your organization, consider:

  • Recent graduates or current college students who may be able to fill roles that normally weren’t open to them in the past. They will require more coaching and mentoring, but you’ll have the advantage of offering entry-level salaries and shaping them into your corporate culture and best practices, right from the start of their career.
  • Recruitment of consultants or contract-to-hire employees. Working with a niche staffing agency, you can find skilled talent. You have the added advantage of not having to pay their benefits and being able to “try before you buy” as you evaluate them for possible full-time roles.
  • Acceleration of your hiring process to avoid losing candidates’ interest. Stay in touch with potential hires, keep them appraised, and minimize any delays in making decisions. Because they won’t just sit and wait while you drag your feet.
  • Offering flexibility, such as remote work options, whenever possible.
  • Expanding your search to widen its geographic scope.

Are you looking for top professionals?

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