A potential employee may look great on paper, but unless you thoroughly screen them prior to their interview, you may not know the whole story. In fact, you may even put yourself, your fellow employees and your company at risk by skipping key steps such as background checks, drug testing, and carefully checking an individual’s social media profiles.

Mitigate Risk and Help Ensure the Right Hire

The risks associated with not screening a person before hiring them can include theft, lawsuits, poor retention, non-compliance with laws and regulations, or even danger to others. And of course, the cost of a poor hire can be astronomical as you have to start from scratch to rehire, as well as compensate for all the expenses associated with the initial hiring mistake.

When it’s done well, pre-employment screening:

  • Exposes the truth. You have a much better chance of learning about an individual’s background, including any criminal history. You may also want to know about a person’s financial past; for example, do they have a poor credit history or have they gone through bankruptcy? An important reminder: You must get written consent of all prospective and current employees before conducting criminal background checks.
  • Verifies expertise. Up to 30 percent of job applications contain false statements. A person can like about their criminal history, residence, level of training and education, work experience, and licenses or certifications held.
  • Minimize danger to others. There are many ways for an ill-intentioned employee to take advantage of their employer, or worse, cause harm to coworkers, customers, vendors and others at or around your workplace. By verifying an applicant’s past, you can determine whether they have any history of violence, theft or drug abuse. Speaking with past employers, you can learn of any reprimands or disciplinary action against them that may send up a cautionary red flag.
  • Makes your hiring decision faster and easier. The cost of screening candidates before moving on with your hiring process more than makes up for the financial burdens that could result from bringing an at-risk person on board. And, because screening weeds out the wrong people early on, it saves you time and money associated with interviewing.

Are you looking for professionals?

Pre-employment screening takes time – as do the other essential steps in your recruitment process. You can’t afford to skip any of them, yet your HR team may often feel stretched to the limit. To ease the burden and develop an efficient, effective talent acquisition process for both the short and long-term, contact TRC Professional Solutions today.

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