Do you care about your company and want to be a more positive, constructive force in its future growth? Or are you just showing up and getting by, enough to keep earning a steady paycheck?

For the sake of your company – and your own career satisfaction – you want the first scenario to be true. Because unless you truly believe in the organization you work for, you belong in a different job.

Ya Gotta Believe

To help your company grow, you must commit your own time and emotional involvement to this end. Otherwise, you’ll quickly become resentful – and nobody benefits, including yourself.

  • Learn more than just your job. Take the time to lean how your role interacts with the rest of the business. For instance, a procurement clerk who understands how their tasks connect to sales and production gains key insight into growth opportunities. Not only will you better understand how to improve your own performance, but you’ll also be better equipped to suggest improvements across the board.

Give More

Give more than your colleagues are willing to give. Take on extra projects or assignments. While helping your company, you will also provide a measurable way to show your dedication and strong work ethic. Any time you go above the call of duty, you demonstrate your value.

  • Use your time wisely. Focus on what you’re being paid to do, not on “what everyone else is doing.” Eliminate counterproductive activities like gossiping or surfing the Net for personal reasons. Use that time to research new business ideas or to double check your work for accuracy.
  • Be versatile. Cross train whenever possible. Work on interdisciplinary teams, and learn as much as you can about all aspects of your company. Pitch in during your down time, in your own department or others. Or, work some overtime to keep business on track. Show your commitment to getting results and to building workplace cohesion.
  • Contribute to process improvement. Find ways to streamline procedures and increase productivity. Share your ideas to make workflow more efficient and effective.
  • Help improve the culture. Participate in extracurricular activities like company softball leagues, community service projects and holiday planning or new hire welcoming committees. Find ways to inject more fun into your workplace. Maybe you can start a trivia contest or monthly potluck lunches to promote camaraderie.

Looking for top talent?

Whether you’re seeking advancement at your current company or thinking about a change in employers, it’s important to stay growth oriented. To realize the best success for yourself and your current or future organization, consider working with the TRC Professional Solutions team. Contact us today to request top talent.

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