There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all resume. Your resume must be customized to align with the job you’re applying for if you want a prospective employer to take notice.

3 Tips For Writing a Targeted Resume

Tip #1: It All Starts with the Job Description

In tailoring your resume, use the job description for your desired position as your guide. Zero in on keywords, which will be the first step in getting your resume past an ATS or the first read by a recruiter. Find a way to speak the employer’s language back to them.

  • A great place to bring all this together is in your professional summary. Then, continue it in your skills section. If you have any of the skills listed in the job description, include those on your resume. You will present yourself not only as a qualified candidate but as an ideal one.

Tip #2: Think from a Hiring Manager’s Perspective

After reading the job posting, take time to research the company through its website and other sources. Then, think about what you would look for in a resume if you were the hiring manager.

  • Show you can learn new skills. Highlight previous relevant training, along with your willingness to take on new projects and be a lifelong learner. List certifications you’ve received, programs in which you’re proficient, and other details that would help you hit the ground running if hired.
  • Don’t let a lack of skills hold you back. Take the steps needed to make your skills a perfect match for the position.

Tip #3: How to Kill Your Chances

Be careful not to provide more information than people care about. Your goal is to convey your brand and the unique value you will deliver. Unless they are absolutely critical to your job search, do not include the following items on your resume:

  • Personal photos.
  • Personal information such as your date of birth or Social Security number.
  • Political or religious affiliations.
  • Hobbies not relevant to your particular industry or career.

And of course, there is no excuse for typos or grammatical errors.

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