Every workplace has them: employees who complicate and control are toxic, or don’t pull their weight. For either work-related or personal reasons, they cause drama.

Drama at work is damaging to climate and culture. It undermines people’s morale and level of job satisfaction. It negatively influences both individual productivity and team performance. And ultimately, it leads to stress, the root cause of nearly half of all voluntary employee turnovers.

The Effects Drama Has On Your Job

  • According to recent research, employees waste up to six hours a week due to colleagues or work situations that drain their time and energy. This equates to 40 percent less productivity, diminished innovation, and a cost of approximately $4,000 to $12,000 per person per year – for a staggering total of $10.1 billion of wasted time per week and more than $505 billion per year. Office drama pushes 11 percent of productive employees out the door, as noted by Linda Byars Swindling, author of Stop Complainers and Energy Drainers: How to Negotiate Work Drama and Get More Done.

How to Reverse Work Drama

Work drama often starts out small and then escalates. When you’re sucked into it, it’s easy to become a victim. This limits your power to find a solution to whatever triggered the drama in the first place.

  • You have a choice. Embrace responsibility for your own actions and reactions. Ask yourself, “What can I do if I don’t like this situation?” Help prevent drama from paralyzing you or spreading throughout your team.
  • Deal directly with the person causing the drama. Spreading it around only contributes to a more negative environment. And if you’re the cause, explore the root of your dissatisfaction. Own it, and then you can uncover ways to break it. Realize that if you’re going to raise a complaint, you must also either raise a solution or volunteer to find one.
  • A solution-based culture is a culture of learning. Managers should help employees to foster skills that build confidence and enable them to effectively deal with confrontation and conflict.

Are you looking for a great job with less drama?

Communication, confrontation and conflict resolution, and dealing with the inevitable dramas that arise at work should all be part of your winning talent management and development strategy. The experts at TRC Professional Solution will get to know your company and its people, take a consultative approach, and deliver the results you need to keep that strategy moving forward. Contact us today to learn more.

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