No matter where you are in your career, you should regularly review your resume and LinkedIn profile and keep them up to date. Even if you’re not planning a job search anytime soon, there are a number of reasons why this is an important part of your overall career strategy:

Presenting Yourself as a Subject Matter Expert

You may be speaking at a conference, contributing an article to a publication, or giving a quote to the media. These are all good ways to grow professionally and build your personal brand. By keeping your resume updated, you can easily send it off to whoever requests it as a means of describing your current credentials.

Being Nominated for an Award

If someone nominates you for a recognition or professional award, you don’t want to have to scramble to send them current information at the last minute, or wind up submitting a document that fails to represent you as well as it could.

Picking up Some Freelance Work

You may want to take on a side project in addition to your regular job. To get your name and expertise into the right hands ASAP, you need an updated resume. Keep it somewhere where it’s easy to find and ready to send.

  • Have a separate document with more detailed points that may not be included on your “master resume.” Then you can tailor your material as needed for a specific role or project.

A Head Hunter Targets You

Recruiters regularly search for people to hire. A passive job candidate is a great thing to be. Be ready to impress when a headhunter calls or finds you via a search engine. They may present an unexpected opportunity that could help your career take off – and with a fresh resume, it’s more likely to pan out.

A Promotion Comes Up at Work

Even if your manager is aware of your talents and potential, your company’s hiring decision makers may not be. By having an updated resume, you can apply for openings in a timely manner and immediately show off your qualifications and enthusiasm.

The Worst Happens

If you’re laid off or let go, for whatever reason, you’ll have enough on your mind without having to update an obsolete resume. By keeping yours current, it will be a lot easier to bounce back into the job market.

Are you looking for a new professional job?

Updating your resume and online profile may sound like an unwelcome chore, but the good news is: it doesn’t have to take a huge amount of time or create added stress. With the right career partner, the opposite is true. Work with the experts at TRC Professional Solutions as you refresh your resume and keep your career on track for the long term.  Contact us today and explore career opportunities, here.

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