Whether it’s moving up at your current company or finding a new opportunity elsewhere, you should be utilizing your skills where they are appreciated the most. This means optimizing your earning power. To increase your worth in the job marketplace, you need a well-planned strategy that will successfully take you to the next step. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Think in terms of the unique value you contribute.

You’re more than just an employee. You’re a valuable asset to your company.

  • Consider the unique contributions you make to your organization. Then, develop a plan for saving the company money or building revenue, using those abilities.
  • Be proactive. Instead of simply asking your boss what tasks you should add to your to do list, go to them with a list of suggestions. This demonstrates that you understand what it takes to make your company more profitable; you’re not just looking for a raise.

Be a lifelong learner.

Invest in continuing your education. Earn a professional certification or a more advanced degree. If you look at a job posting and it lists certain credentials as “preferred,” then you should definitely work on them – because candidates who already have them will rule the others out.

  • Consider learning another language. Being bilingual or multilingual in today’s global business world is a major advantage in virtually every industry.

Get the experience you need to advance.

Take on additional assignments that enable you to showcase your professional strengths. At the same time, keep adding to your skillset.

  • Look at the job description for the position to which you’d like to advance. Note the skills and experience required. Then, make it your goal to fill in any related gaps on your resume.
  • The proof is in the numbers. For example, recent research has shown that companies will pay a five percent higher salary for excellent strategic marketing skills. And, a data analyst adept at SAS programs can earn up to 17 percent more than someone lacking in this area.

Find a mentor.

Mentorships can be very powerful in developing your career. When you seek out a mentor, turn to someone who can help you better understand how you’re viewed within your company and industry. This relationship could not only lead to new contacts, but also help you present yourself more effectively, in order to build earning power.

Be flexible.

While a healthy work/life balance is essential, being willing to take on unpleasant assignments or work unpopular hours once in a while is further proof of your commitment and value.

Is it time for a change?

According to a recent Gallup survey, the top reason U.S. workers consider a new job is “to do what they do best.” In addition to maximizing earning potential, this should be your goal: finding your passion and shaping it into a successful, profitable career.

Are you looking for a professional job that matches your career goals?

The average raise a person realizes by leaving a job is 10 to 20 percent. If a job change makes sense and the idea incites that passion within you, why not consider partnering with a recruiter from TRS Professional Solutions? Your success is our mission. Check out these awesome professional options and apply today!

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