Many companies struggle with turnover due to poor hiring choices. When this is the case, it is often because the hiring team cuts corners in the screening process. Whether they don’t want to spend the money on additional screening or they simply like to “trust their gut,” cutting corners is a surefire way to regret a hiring decision down the line. Consider these reasons why proper screening is so essential before you make your next hiring decision.

Screening Verifies Qualifications

While it’s nice to believe that candidates never exaggerate or outright lie, the fact of the matter is, some do. Perhaps a person is desperate to land a job, or they are worried about a gap in their employment. Or maybe the person is actually a sociopath. Whatever the reason, you don’t want to hire someone who is willing to exaggerate to get what they want.

Verifying certifications, education and employment are essential to getting the right person in the job. Reference checks are also critical for verifying qualifications because former bosses and colleagues can speak directly to a candidate’s experience and abilities.

Screening Helps Determine Candidate Fit

It is also critical to verify that the individual you are considering has the personality, work ethic and values to fit in well with your organization. Cultural misalignment is one of the biggest reasons why employees leave a job before their one-year anniversary. If you want to hire someone with staying power, you must screen for fit.

Reference checks are the best way to verify cultural alignment Talk to references about the culture of the organization where they worked together and don’t be afraid to ask what level of emotional intelligence the candidate has displayed in the past.

Screening Protects Your Company, Customers and Employees

Conducting a background check is critical for ensuring that you’re hiring someone who is ethical and who will not put the company, its customers or its employees in jeopardy. Someone who has been convicted of theft or who has an abysmal credit record may not be the ideal person for a position that allows access to customers’ credit cards or bank accounts, for example.

Someone who has a history of violence or harassment could also be an iffy hire. While people can certainly change over time, you don’t want to put anyone’s safety at risk in your workplace. It is also advisable to find out of a potential employee has a history of suing employers for things like discrimination.

Are You Looking For Ways To Improve Your Candidate Screening Process?

The biggest reasons why employers cut corners when it comes to screening are time and money. However, there is a way to access fully-vetted candidates without straining your internal resources. TRC Professional Solutions conducts thorough screening, background and reference checks on all candidates before they are eligible to meet with our clients. This ensures that when we make a recommendation, you are sure the candidate is truly a good fit for your company. To learn more about our process, contact our expert recruiters today.

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