The Falcons never take to the football field without a game plan. Yes, pure talent plays a part, but good preparation is one of the key factors to their long track record of success. If you want to land a job this year you too, must be prepared. A good job search game plan helps you know where to focus your efforts, helps you define your goals and ensures you can get where you want to go.

Update Your Resume

Before you apply for any jobs, spend a little quality time with your resume. Make sure that all of your achievements are updated and be certain that it follows modern standards of style. Strong resumes use action verbs, utilize bullet points rather than paragraphs and focus on skills and quantifiable results rather than tasks.

Clean Up Your Online Presence

If a hiring manager likes your application, one of the first things he or she will do will be to hop online and see what they can learn about you. First, you want to be absolutely certain that all of your personal social media profiles are set to private. This is true even if you’ve led a choir-boy lifestyle. You simply don’t need employers poking around your Facebook or Instagram pages.

Next, make sure that your LinkedIn profile is complete and updated. Make sure you’ve utilized all fields and that you have included important industry keywords. Update your headshot to something professional and recent.  Then, get your personalized URL and make your profile public. Finally, reach out to colleagues and ask if they would be willing to write LinkedIn recommendations for you.

Start Researching Companies

It’s not just the job that matters, it’s where you do it. You want to work for companies with products and services you believe in, a culture where you will thrive and where you will have opportunities to learn and advance. Research companies in your industry and your geographic area and make a list of your ideal future employers.

Talk To A Professional Recruiter

If you really want to amp up your search, increase the chances of finding a job that meets your criteria and helps you achieve your professional goals, partner with a recruiter that knows your industry. A great recruiter will spend time getting to know you so they can match you with the right opportunities, and they and will help you polish your resume and your interviewing skills so you make a great impression every time.

If you want to develop a strong job search game plan and increase the chances of finding the right fit, work with the professional recruiters at TRC Professional Solutions. We are experts in technology, engineering, accounting, marketing and logistics recruiting. Accelerate your search and find your next opportunity by contacting us today.


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