Many professionals keep their resumes on a shelf, only updating the document when they are actively engaged in a job search. However, ignoring your resume until you “need” it can mean that the resume is less effective. Regularly updating your resume is important whether you are actively seeking employment or not. This is why.

You’ll Never Forget An Accomplishment

Trying to remember all of your past achievements is an exercise in frustration and futility. It can be difficult, if not impossible to remember things that happened six months, a year, or three years past. Employers want to see quantifiable achievement on candidates’ resumes, so it’s always a good practice to update your resume in real-time. That way, outdated information can be removed and new information always makes it into the document.

You’ll Always Be Motivated

Pulling up your resume on a regular basis is an excellent motivator. It can remind you of how far you’ve come and how successful you’ve been, which can drive you to achieve more. Working on your resume regularly also helps you to determine exactly where you want to go. It keeps you thinking about what you liked and didn’t like about previous jobs and allows you to both define and stay focused on your goals.

You’ll Be Ready For New Opportunities

If a promotion becomes available or if an exciting opportunity opens up with one of your target companies, you know your resume will be ready to go as soon as you get home. Your competitors will have to sit down and rework their resumes, but you can use your time instead to craft a stellar cover letter and get your application in early.

Outreach to passive candidates is becoming more popular in recruiting circles and an updated resume also ensures that you can respond quickly if a recruiter or hiring manager reaches out to you about an opportunity you didn’t hear about.

You’ll Be Ready For The Worst

Getting fired or unexpectedly laid off is a terrible experience. Most people have to spend time updating their resume before they can get a job search going. If you are continually updating your resume, however, you can begin your job search immediately, which can help hedge against the depression and anxiety that often comes with losing a job.

Are You Looking To Advance Your Career?

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