If you’ve ever spent any time on lifestyle blogs, career blogs – or most anywhere on the internet – you’ve probably seen amazing stories of people who found financial success and inner peace just by following their passion. But just how realistic is that advice and can it really work for you?

The Passion Trap

The idea of following passion to success first came into vogue in the late 1970’s. Since then, “follow your passion,” has become the go-to advice for life coaches, gurus and well-meaning friends. However, most people’s passions don’t have much to do with earning money. If your passion is playing tennis, salsa dancing, reading or stamp collecting, you’ll be hard-pressed to turn that into a job that pays the bills.

However, the advice to follow your passion has become so ingrained, that people often job-hop in search of a position that will somehow fulfill them financially and spiritually – and they rarely ever achieve that goal.

How To Love What You Do

Most American workers don’t consider their jobs to be “their calling” or an integral part of their identity. However, plenty of those people do derive satisfaction from their jobs.  Why? Because they have the mindset that job satisfaction is all about quality. People who are intensely focused on the quality of the work they do are more apt to take steps to grow and improve. As they improve their skills over time, they feel an even greater sense of pride and achievement in their work.

Another secret that these people know is this: People with rare skills are more likely to move up and land jobs that give them more control and opportunity to be creative.  Every field has skills that are rarer – and therefore more valuable – than others. If you’ve got a solid base, begin learning and mastering one or more of these rare skills unique to your field.  This is the act of building career capital. The more career capital you have, the more doors will open for you.

Over time, as you stay focused on quality, you’ll get more satisfaction out of what you do each day. Sure, it might not light your inner fire like your passion for rare birds on Brazilian jujitsu, but in the long run, you’ll feel happier and more connected to your work.

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