Congratulations, you’ve made it through a grueling interview process and you’re one of the final candidates! It’s all smooth sailing from here, right? Not always. When a company determines that you’re a strong candidate, they will likely put you through a vetting process to ensure that you are who you present yourself to be. It has never been more critical for companies to ensure they hire people with the highest ethical standards, and even if you are the picture of professionalism with nothing to hide, the vetting process can be stressful.

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Read The Disclosure

Employers should present you with a document that outlines the vetting process, discloses the types of background checks they will perform, and alerts you to your rights regarding that process. Make sure to read the documents so you know exactly what you’ll be facing. If you have any questions, get answers before you sign the consent form.

Double Check Dates And Job Titles

Be certain that your job titles are listed exactly as they would appear on HR files and that your dates of employment are accurate so there is no confusion or miscommunication during employment verification.

Pull Relevant Documents

Companies will often want copies of your postsecondary degrees and proof of licenses or certifications when required. Make sure that you have copies of this information on hand and ready to go. If it takes weeks for a state board to verify your qualifications, the company will move on to another candidate.

Talk To Your References

Make sure that the people you listed as references know that someone will be reaching out. Tell them what the position is for, who will be calling and let them know what the company is looking for in their new hire. If anyone seems uncomfortable providing you with a reference, find someone else and update your list immediately.

Clean Up Your Social Media Presence

Always be 100 percent certain that your personal social media profiles are private. It’s a good strategy to go back through all of your old pictures and remove any photos or tags from years ago that could be misconstrued if uncovered.

Understand Financial Checks

Many companies will pull your credit before they hire you. People who are under serious financial strain can be seen as a liability and they may be prone to engage in unethical behavior in order to help them deal with their debt. However, everyone goes through a tough time now and again, and people are also often subject to identity theft. If you have blemishes, be upfront and honest about so the employer isn’t surprised when they pull your scores.

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