Consulting jobs are an excellent choice for skilled professionals who want to focus on the type of work they truly enjoy doing. Consulting offers flexibility, the opportunity to work for many great organizations and on many exciting projects. Lots of professionals are leaving the “traditional” job market in favor of consulting, but the biggest hurdle for many who are still on the fence lies in finding the right consulting jobs. Consulting job searches are similar to traditional searches, with a few nuanced differences. Use these strategies to help find consulting gigs that align with your skills and goals.

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Study Job Postings Closely

When you’re applying for consulting jobs, make sure that you study the posting closely to determine whether or not you’re actually interested in the role. In general, consultants are hired to focus in on one key area of a project or to close a skill gap on a team for the short term. Make sure that the list of required skills aligns with your skill set so you’re not wasting time on jobs you are over or under qualified for.

Also, take note of the time frame listed in the posting and make sure you are comfortable with their parameters. Are you ok working for a firm for six weeks or do you prefer a three or four-month commitment? Be wary of companies with open-ended listings may not have a project fully planned out, which could be a red flag, though you can always get more detail if you’re called for an interview.

Build Your Online Brand

If you don’t have a professional website and blog, a thorough LinkedIn profile and professional social media profiles, you’ll miss out on unique opportunities. Spend time growing your online presence and presenting yourself as an expert in your niche. Hiring managers and recruiters looking for consultants conduct searches when they have a project coming up, and you can’t be found if you aren’t managing your online brand.

As you work to build your online brand, make LinkedIn a part of your strategy. Share your own content on your page, share content from thought leaders and join groups where you can participate thoughtfully in forum conversations. Hiring managers and recruiters monitor LinkedIn closely to spot talent.

Work With An Expert Recruiter To Find Consulting Jobs

Finding the right consulting jobs can be a constant hustle, leaving you in a perpetual state of job hunting in order to stay booked. The stress of that hustle can be difficult for many professionals. Working with a recruiter who specializes in short-term contracts in your niche can be a great way to uncover new opportunities and keep your calendar full.

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If you are a professional in technology, engineering or finance and you’re ready to make the leap into the flexible and rewarding world of consulting, contact the recruiters at TRC Professional Solutions today. We can help you find the right consulting jobs to help you achieve your goals.

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