Have you ever known someone who seems to have nothing but good luck in their careers? They always seem to get chosen for the best projects and new job opportunities just land in their lap. While it may seem like these people were born under a lucky star, they are probably very proactive when it comes to finding and taking advantage of career-building opportunities. If you are ready to move towards new goals, it’s time to start uncovering career-building opportunities to create your own good luck.

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Don’t Keep Your Goals To Yourself

Many professionals make the mistake of keeping their goals to themselves. No one can ever help you find new opportunities for growth if they don’t know what you’re looking for. During performance reviews and one-on-ones, make sure to share your goals with your boss so he or she can assign you to projects or provide you with new responsibilities that will help you learn and grow.

It also pays to share your goals with colleagues both in your organization and outside your organization. They may know of seminars, classes, professional groups or job opportunities that you’d otherwise never know about, and colleagues can also make great cheerleaders as you move towards your goals.

Find Career Role Models

Modeling yourself after someone who does what it is you’d like to be doing is a great tactic for growth and uncovering new opportunities. Identify potential role models and get to know them. Show an interest in what they do, ask what they are working on, and see if there is an opportunity for you to contribute, even in a small way.

As you build relationships with these successful people, you’ll learn the habits and strategies that got them where they are today. As they become familiar with your own strengths and goals, they can help point you in the direction of new career-building opportunities.

Make Yourself Invaluable

Company leaders are busy and if you want to get yourself noticed, you’ve got to make yourself an asset.  Step outside your comfort zone and volunteer to help on challenge projects. Commit to regularly getting all your deliverables completed prior to their deadlines and become a person who is known for asking, “How can I help?” You may not always get assigned to prime projects, but your efforts will always be noted. Just make sure that you follow through with what you say you’ll do and that your work is impeccable.

Be Patient

Despite appearances, it can take years to become an “overnight success.” Along the way, you’ll uncover opportunities to learn and grow, but you’ll also fail a time or two (or more). The key is to stay focused on your goals and do the work that will help you uncover career-building opportunities. With the right strategy and connections, you’ll achieve your goals.

Work With A Recruiter To Uncover Career-Building Opportunities

While there are no shortcuts to success, you can begin to uncover career-building opportunities that align with your goals today by connecting with a professional recruiter. If you are ready to start achieving your career goals, contact the expert recruiters at TRC Professional Solutions today.

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