Job searches are time consuming endeavors. If you’re already juggling a stressful full-time job and you’ve got personal and family obligations to fulfill, it can be difficult to find time to fit it all in. It is critical to manage your time wisely as you search for a new opportunity so that searching for a job doesn’t feel like a job itself. Use these strategies to work smarter and save time in your job search.

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Clearly State Your Goals

You don’t start a road trip without knowing your destination. The same holds true for a job search. Sit down and clearly define where it is you want to end up, and only spend time working on search-related activity that will move you towards that goal. Some job seekers find it useful to craft a mission statement that they post on their personal computer as a constant reminder of their goal.

Stay Organized

Keep a job search folder on your personal computer that has everything you need for your search including resumes, cover letters, portfolio items, references, thank you letters, etc. Create a folder for every job you apply to and save copies of each document you send. The more organized your workspace, the more organized your approach will be.

Keep A Schedule

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by job search tasks, so set a schedule and stick with it. Block out time each day to sit down and focus on your search. Keep a to-do list so you know what to spend that time on. Make that time non-negotiable, and when the time block is over, put everything away and go back to focusing on the things you enjoy doing in your free time.  This will ensure that you use that daily time wisely, and the time limitation will prevent you from falling down any internet “black holes.”

Only Apply To Relevant Positions

The biggest waste of time in any job search is applying for jobs that you are not interested in or qualified for. There is no sense wasting time applying for jobs you don’t want or can’t do. It is a much better use of your time to locate positions that truly excite you and in between, focus on networking, building your LinkedIn presence, connecting with new references and other important tasks that are likely to help you uncover relevant positions.

Work With A Professional Recruiter

If you want to eliminate much of the stress of a job search, save time, and increase the chances that you’ll find opportunities that truly align with your skills and goals, work with a professional recruiter.  A recruiter handles all of the job search legwork for you and only presents you for positions where you are a strong match. They conduct confidential searches and have the inside line on many positions that have not yet opened to the public.  They will also provide you with critical feedback you can use to improve your resume and interviewing skills.

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