Plan to find a new job this 2017? You’re not alone, according to a new survey by Spiceworks. More than one third of tech professionals will be looking for a new opportunity this new year.

While hiring tends to be slow during the holidays, now is the time it really picks up in January and February. If you haven’t done so already, work your way through these 4 steps to prepare yourself for the interview process.

  1. Polish your resume, portfolio, and social media presence until they glow. This is the first thing you want to do. Otherwise, when the time comes to apply and reach out, you’ll be too busy tweaking your resume, bogged down in updating your website, or scrubbing your social profiles of any less-than-professional posts. Just go ahead and get this important bit out of the way now.
  2. Window shop for companies of interest. Create a wish list of 10-20 companies you’d love to work for. Make a sub-list of contacts at each company you’re able to uncover on the Internet. Stay on top of any openings that interest you.
  3. Spend quality time with family, friends – and your business networks. Networking at events may help you get your foot in the door.
  4. Get your interview attire pressed and ready. In the wintertime it can be more challenging to look polished and professional while staying warm. So make sure you’ve got all the right gear to dress the part of the job.

Jump start the New Year with these 4 tips. Have you already gone through this process and are ready to apply? Check out TRC Professional Solutions open job board now to apply today.