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Vice President of Recruiting

Travis Almy

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Travis Almy. TRC’s longest running superhero, the Vice President of Recruiting, and truly the Incredible Hulk of recruiting. He’s been in the industry for over 18 years, over half of which was spent right here with TRC. When it comes to this industry Travis knows it sometimes requires he and his team go into “Beast Mode” to get the job done.Travis thoroughly enjoys the challenges that come with the job and knows the ins and outs better than most. He enjoys working with clients that are eager to solve even the most complex recruiting challenges and thrives on the goal of going the extra mile to get the job done. Whether it’s engineering, IT, Accounting, Supply Chain, or Marketing, Travis is up for the challenge and is consistently surpassing client’s expectations.


Will Swift

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Will Swift is our Recruiting Manager with over a decade of experience in the industry. Will’s adaptability and professional consistency has worked together to form a cohesive strategist, team player, and mentor. Will is able to measure his client’s satisfaction and his overall success by the confidence he has in his thoroughness, attention to detail, and referral rate. Will’s specialty lies in the technology field, which he’s consistently working to build knowledge in during his free time. He knows that by strengthening his professional development at home, he can make a difference in the lives of candidates and clients at work.

Heather Moore

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Heather Moore: quite possibly the most selfless recruiter in the world. She truly believes in the quality outcome of the clients and candidates she works with. She understands that finding a great match between candidates and clients means a great life for all parties.With 22 years of experience in the industry, Heather currently serves as a Senior Recruiter at TRC with a specialty in professional staffing needs. She genuinely enjoys linking potential employees to their dream jobs, which is proven by her consistent positive results. Heather is a client’s best asset when trying to find the best candidates in their perspective field.

Dan Mintz

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Dan Mintz, an incomparable team player, a defeater of villainous trials, and one of TRC’s dedicated Technical Recruiters. Dan has more than 10 years in the industry and still holds TRC as the very best team and company he has ever worked for in his entire career. A happily placed employee makes a very successful business, which is not only the way Dan operates when he’s placing new recruits, but this mission is also true in his very own employment with TRC. Dan’s commitment to seeing the clients he works with excel with perfect recruits, and his ability to go above and beyond to deliver lasting results is what makes Dan such a vital part of the TRC family.

Abigail Peterson

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Abigail Peterson, the TRC songbird with the aptitude of Wonder Woman herself, continuously surpasses her own set expectations and milestones as a Technical Recruiter. Her specialty lies in accounting and finance and she can measure her success in the number of hiring managers that trust her opinion and the referrals she receives. Abigail knows what it takes to work with great clients and loves to take on a challenge. Her positive attitude allows her to flow through complex situations and come out on top.

Benjamin Sheffield

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Benjamin Sheffield is a man who knows what it takes to be a strong Senior Recruiter with a specialty for the IT and Marketing fields. He’s built his repertoire of experience with over multiple years in the industry in various capacities, and in doing so he’s learned all aspects of the job. He knows that to build a successful client base, the barriers that lead to mutual success between client and recruiter need to be broken down. Once the business partnership between the two is established, that’s when the real work can begin.  Having great personality and a penchant for fostering lasting professional relationships, Benjamin receives praise from everyone he works with. That is the mark of true success.

Nikki Scarpelli

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Nikki Scarpelli is a Recruiter focused on IT. She’s not afraid to try something new (even once ate a scorpion), lives without regret (again, scorpion), and is excited to bring her skills and expertise to our recruiting team. High-energy and always positive, Nikki measures her success by filling roles and building client relationships. When asked Why TRC, she responded, “The people. Enough said.”

Andy Youmans

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Andy Youmans is a Senior Recruiter. While his dream job may be playing professional sports, he is truly a team player as part of our engineering crew. With more than six years in the industry and a motto like tempus fugit (time flies), Andy knows that speed, focus and responsiveness always count. And his clients agree when they often refer other candidates and return when it’s time for a job change and they want someone who will provide the best candidate experience for our contractors and deliver exceptional services to our clients.

Kate Lang

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Kate Lang. With more than a decade of experience in the industry, Kate is a leader and renowned Professional Recruitment Practice Manager at TRC. She specializes in Manufacturing Management, Engineering, Accounting/Finance, Human Resources, and loves to place her talent in roles she knows they would fit perfectly in. As selfless as she is determined, Kate is a dedicated mother, recruiter, and groundbreaker. She leads the pack with her ability to understand her clients’ needs and opportunities, and genuinely enjoys calls from colleagues or referrals who may be looking for a career change. Always striving to deliver winning results, Kate fits right in with the TRC culture and its ability to do an effective, welcoming job at recruiting top candidates and serving amazing clients.

Business Development

Emily Reese

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Emily Reese, our all-hands-on-deck superhero. As a fulltime working mom, Emily has the patient qualities to nurture and build strong, professional relationships with clients and candidates. And she should, with over six years in staffing and a decade in sales. Emily is one of TRC’s Business Development Managers who specializes in everything from Engineering and IT, Manufacturing, and Distribution Centers, to Retail Support and Civil Engineering. Emily’s success comes from truly caring about the companies she works beside and knows that a strong match is only going to come from compatible, quality candidates. She can quantifiably measure her success by the consistent clients she’s worked with for the entire tenure of her recruiting career, and the referrals she receives from very happy clients and candidates.

Matthew Lester

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Matthew Lester, TRC’s own Superman. Matthew has led the way as TRC’s Business Development Manager for over two years. Before that he was a resource manager within the company for another two years. TRC is fortunate to have a team player like Matthew to provide the business with world-class strategies and the winning follow-through to deploy them.

Suzanne Malkiewicz

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Suzanne Malkiewicz is one of TRC’s trusted Senior Business Development Managers. With over seven years in the industry, her specialty now lies in Information Technology and Information Security. Suzanne is successful in her job because she knows that professional growth between client and recruiter comes from transparent, honest, and prompt communication, and she achieves that with every interaction she has. Her success can be measured in her very happy client testimonials she’s collected throughout her tenure as a business development professional. She’s a force to be reckoned with, with the winning resume of success stories to match.

Sharon Cherry

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Sharon Cherry, a dedicated, passionate, Business Solution’s Manager at TRC with a penchant for advising. Sharon cherishes the value in learning and directing and finds much success in doing so. She’s been in the industry for four years and measures her achievement in the lasting relationships she harbors with her clients. She treasures the lasting commitment the TRC family is known for by going above and beyond for her clients and continuing their relationship long after the work is done.

Mitchell Baden

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Mitchell Baden. A TRC Business Development Manager with almost three years in the industry. He brings with him a winning approach to the most complex business challenges and is always eager to learn more. His ability to adapt to meet growing demands, and his ability to create authentic and rooted relationships make him a strong player in the TRC family. He can roll with the punches and come out on top. If that doesn’t make a successful superhero, what does?

Nicole Plaisted

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Dedicated to relationship-building, Nicole Plaisted truly gets that the role of Business Development Manager is all about communications, responsiveness, and resourcefulness. Her professional services specialty may be IT and Information Security, but her dedication to creating lasting connections is what wins her kudos from the TRC team. Nicole defines success as being better than you were the day before and is committed to making sure she meets this challenge. While she may be newer to the recruiting industry, her positive attitude and hustle fit right in with the TRC family.

Resource Management

Sara Heaven

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Sara Heaven, TRC’s thoughtful Site Manager. Sara has been in the industry for four years and in that time, has fostered strong relationships with not only her coworkers but her clients, too. She understands that to create a successful business relationship the client and recruiter must work together to clearly define the expectations and roles of the employer and what they expect from a new employee. From there, Sara’s rate of success is unmatched because she’s done the legwork of making the goals understood from the get-go.

Lydia Buckler

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