Is it time to take your career as a net developer to the next level?

Becoming a senior net developer will open up new opportunities for you to work on interesting, more challenging projects or to move to a new company or industry, if that’s part of your plan.

It all starts with taking your existing skills and ramping them up to new heights. Here are some tips to get you started:

Become a code master.

Elevating your developer career is not only about writing code more quickly; it’s about consistently writing the correct code.

  • Train your brain by running Code Katas. These exercises will sharpen your “muscular memory” for coding, just as martial arts katas develop it for fight moves. Practice makes perfect – and repetition ingrains coding into your brain and frees it to focus on the problem you’re solving instead of on the mechanics of the language.
  • Master the keyboard. Of course, you can use a keyboard. What makes you a senior developer is not your keyboard ability, but if that holds you back, you’re never going to get there. So become adept at shortcuts. Practicing every day can make a huge difference. Remember, the more basics are ingrained into your head, the more you can focus on writing correct code.

Specialize in finding the ideal solution.

Learning how to solve problems is a soft skill – and another trait that you can practice in order to improve it.

  • Start with an algorithm. Understand the process and follow the steps. Make a checklist if necessary. Where to find a problem to solve? Simply look around you – while commuting to work, watching a movie or working out at the gym. Then (1) propose a solution, (2) think it through, (3) shoot it down, and (4) think of another solution. Because there’s always a reason why the first one wasn’t ideal. Senior developers are capable of understanding this, and then compromising and prioritizing.
  • Follow a method, every time. Valinda’s 10 steps to solving a programming problem is a good place to start. Always keep improving your problem-solving method.
  • Help others to grow. A senior developer is someone who makes their whole team better. Develop your leadership skills. Inspire others by expressing your thoughts clearly and helping them to face challenges and learn for themselves. Make a point to share what you already know.

Visit TRC Professional Solution’s job portal for this and other current opportunities as a senior net developer. Or, contact one of our tech recruitment specialists for additional insight on how to take your career in the right direction, starting today. You’ll be there before you know it.



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