The United States can expect to lose out on more than $162 billion in output — yes, with a “b” — by 2030 thanks to an IT shortage in skilled labor. The U.S. is currently the largest technology market in the world, but with China and India’s emergence we can’t expect to stay on top of the market forever. That $162 billion amounts to more than one-third of the total unrealized output across all countries analyzed.


In addition to the lost output, by 2030 the labor skills deficit will lead to a shortage of 4.3 million workers. The IT industry is in the midst of a full-blown workforce development battle, yet it seems we’re not — as a nation or an industry — fully aware of the challenges we’re set to face.


In the U.S., there are around 6.9 million unfilled positions within the entire economy, a number that is only expected to grow. Everyone in the IT sector knows finding the talent needed for the current open positions is a challenge, and each year the IT sector adds more unfilled positions to the tally.


There’s also the problem of turnover. Tech companies — software, not hardware — had the highest turnover rate in 2017, at 13.2%. So not only are there fewer and fewer qualified applicants, those who are qualified are moving around more often, which adds to the instability of the sector.


In a recent study of CIOs, 65% reported a lack of talent was holding their organization back. In the same study, 67% of CIOs were leaning into automation to help fill the void, and another 46% were looking to outsource their IT needs.


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