Without an occasional change of scenery, a person or team can fall into ho-hum patterns that stifle creativity. That’s why nearly two-thirds of professional event planners agree that meetings held outside the office significantly boost morale, engagement and productivity.

Meeting offsite gives people a fresh outlook on their work.

As reported by Business News Daily, northing kills a meeting like monotony. And the number-one contributing factor is repetition, including getting teams together in the same place time after time after time.

  • A change in physical environment can make a big difference when brainstorming new ideas. In addition, offsite meetings often include some type of fun or entertainment, which helps people feel better about their work.
  • Offsite meetings boost creative thinking. Did you ever stop and think why writers, software designers, musicians and others sometimes go to such remote locations as coffee shops or sidewalk cafes to work? Shuttling your staff around on a daily basis is probably not feasible or advisable, but the occasional offsite can be highly beneficial.

Important deadlines can be met.

You may want to emphasize a single-day time frame during an offsite meeting to reach a certain business-critical goal. A word of caution, however: Don’t plan or expect more than your team can realistically achieve. And, leave some time during the day for people to chill out and enjoy themselves.

Revitalize, reenergize, and motivate.

An offsite meeting has gravitas. People place added importance on it and tend to think about it more, discuss it among themselves and plan it better.

  • Because of your investment in inviting them, employees believe they are valued and trust that their contributions matter. And because everyone has committed to leave their regular tasks behind for a day, they’re more likely to fully engage with the topics being discussed.

There are no interruptions.

If you take your team out of their normal work setting, it’s far less tempting to step out of the meeting room to take a call or answer a text or email. They can stay focused and be more productive.

Make it an internal networking opportunity.

The value of internal networking, aka employees networking with their own coworkers, is well documented. Offsite meetings provide a natural venue to do this. When people share physical space, it’s easier to communicate, including picking up on body language and other non-verbal cues that you don’t experience via a phone call or email.

  • You may want to have a team-building expert on hand to help bring people out of their shells and engage with one another on a more personal level.

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