Did you ever stop to think that the talent you’re looking for to fill your most business-critical positions may not be looking for you … or even looking for a job at all?

Well, chances are, it’s true. Nearly half of all currently employed workers have identified themselves as passive job candidates – those who are not necessarily uninterested in opportunities that come their way, but are not actively seeking to make a job change.

  • Passive candidates perform nine percent higher as new hires and are 25 percent more likely to stay at a company than active job seekers. So, your recruitment strategy should include the best ways to identify, attract and recruit them.

How to Woo Passive Candidates

Use these tips to recruit passive job candidates, so you can beat your competition to the punch:

  • Build a winning brand. Find out what your desired candidates are looking for in an employer – and focus on fulfilling those requirements. Show how you meet their needs through your communications, marketing and public relations.
  • Understand what you do better than your competition. It could be a unique product, outstanding benefits and perks, or unmatched potential for promotions and career growth. Whatever your competitive niche is, incorporate it into all your recruitment tactics.
  • Connect with passive job seekers online. Develop and maintain a consistent, engaging online presence for your organization. Share compelling, attractive content, not only on your company website and its career page, but also on other targeted social platforms.
  • Optimize LinkedIn. On your company page, create opportunities to draw followers who will regularly receive your updates. Keep this content fresh, relevant and enticing. Mine targeted profiles using LinkedIn’s Advanced Search and Recruiter features.
  • Host live events. Even the strongest online presence can’t replace face-to-face relationship building. Invite top talent to your company so they can experience your employees, your culture and the overall experience.
  • Beef up your employee referral program. If you don’t already have one, then start one. Offer bonuses to employees whose referrals result in successful hires. Create an “always recruiting” culture throughout your company.
  • Make sure your company is represented at networking events. Be visible at events and support your employees in doing the same. Remember, top talent attracts like-minded professionals, and vice versa.
  • Deepen your talent pool. You may find a candidate who would be ideal for a position at your company, but either the job isn’t currently open or they’re not quite ready; for instance, they have one more semester before they earn their degree. This is no reason to disregard them. Rather, put them on your contacts list and stay in regular touch with them. As noted by one industry expert, “attracting passive candidates is about scouting for talent before a job opportunity arises … once you’ve identified them, it’s about building relationships and staying in touch.”

Winning the talent war requires constant diligence, time, resources, and smart strategic thinking. Let the recruitment experts at TRC Professional Solutions share their expertise – and the burden of this responsibility – with you and keep you on the cutting edge. Read our related posts or contact us today to hear more.




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