Did you know that you can actually build your resume while you’re unemployed?

Chances are you’ve been doing something important. You just aren’t sure how to convey this information. Focus on what you’ve achieved during your down time, so your resume speaks to your resourcefulness. Don’t sell yourself short.

Three possibilities include:


Caring for Loved Ones

Being a stay-at-home parent or caregiver to a sick or elderly loved one is worthy, admirable work – and good recruiters and employers won’t look down on you for it. Being honest and open about it is a testimony to your integrity.

  • List your caretaking role on your resume. Use compelling words to showcase your achievements, just as if you’d spent this time working in a paid job. For instance, instead of simply stating that you “took time off to care for my father,” say that you “devoted three years to managing a large estate and complex medical decisions while caring for a terminally ill parent.” Be honest and forthright, and emphasize your skills and strengths.
  • You may want to brush up on the latest technology or skills in your field and also emphasize this on your resume. Take a class at a local community college or online. Or, work with an employed friend to help bring you up to speed.

Learning New Skills

Whatever the reason for your employment gap, a great way to bridge it is to continue your professional learning. Whether it was mastering a foreign language, earning certification as a yoga instructor or life coach, or mastering coding or a computer program, include this progress on your resume.

  • Provide details on any degrees, certifications or other educational milestones reached. Also include any impressive quantifiable results, such as grades, awards or instructor praise.


Donate your time and energy to areas within your industry where you can gain relevant experience and make valuable connections. Volunteering enables you to try new things, glean additional skills, and meet influencers in your field.

  • Build your brand. As a volunteer, you can garner positive word-of-mouth about your talents and capabilities. And when you impress people through your volunteer efforts, you can use them as references and ask them for LinkedIn recommendations.
  • Filling your time with meaningful volunteer work demonstrates your drive, ambition, passion and determination. This makes you a more attractive candidate.

The expert recruiters at TRC Professional Solutions can lend a hand – in the form of their broad expertise and resources – as you polish up your resume and prepare to reenter the workforce. Contact us today to put our powerhouse to work for you.

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