Change is inevitable – in life and in business. You can keep up with it and be a part of it, or you can ignore it, sit back, and let your competitors pass you by. Which option would you prefer?

If you chose the first one, you’re right on. The key to staying competitive in today’s global marketplace is to stay up to date or better yet, ahead of industry trends. You simply cannot always cling to the traditional ways of running your business. Even if your company is already well established, keeping up with trends is important to show your customers that you’re flexible and on the ball. The “it works, because we’ve always done it this way” approach simply doesn’t hold water.

Here are three ways to identify and evolve with trends in your industry:


  1. Follow the influencers – and then become one.

Get to know the most intelligent people in your field. Collaborate with and emulate them. Find out where they congregate, and insert yourself into their sphere of influence.

  • Step up your networking efforts. This will help you learn the ins and outs of current industry crazes. Gathering such intelligence is a much smarter strategy than simply throwing something together based on assumptions.
  • Build a close group of friends, peers and partners who can show you different perspectives and spot what’s coming up. In turn, you can do the same for them.


  1. Use the right tools to identify the direction trends are heading.

Depending on your specific industry, your customers and your goals, different tools and metrics will help you to accurately pinpoint upcoming trends.

  • Use tools such as Google Trends. Get a big-picture perspective, and then you can drill it down so it applies to your business and its unique market niche. Whatever route you take, use a variety of tools together in order so you don’t limit your options.


  1. Learn to embrace change.

Change is difficult – but all great things are. To cite a well-known quote from the movie A League of Their Own, “It’s supposed to be hard. If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. The hard … is what makes it great.”

  • Move out of your comfort zone and embrace change. Otherwise, your competition will beat you to the punch and you’ll be struggling to play catch-up. Accept change as a fact of life in order to avoid this unpleasant scenario.
  • Ask the right questions and listen to your customers. By determining what’s on their radar screen, you can get solid insights into trends and ultimately, serve them better. Ask them what they think the next five years will bring. Then, you can find out what they need from you along the way. Grow and evolve with them.

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