Your LinkedIn profile is the foundation for your personal branding and an essential tool in your job search. Make sure your profile creates a great first impression, drives traffic your way, and bolsters your credibility as you advance your career.

A Ten-Step Plan

Here are 10 aspects of your LinkedIn profile to focus on:

1. A custom URL: Your URL should resemble this: If your name is taken, try a different combination with your initials. For instructions, type “LinkedIn customize URL” into a search engine.

2. A professional photo: Your photo is your LinkedIn calling card. It drives interest right from the start. Present yourself as you would for a job interview, your best client or your CEO. Make people want to view you.

3. A killer headline: Make your headline more than just a job title. Use it to tell how you see your role, why you do what you do, and what makes you tick. The best headline is one that’s unique to you, so tweak it until you get it right.

4. The right tone: Sound approachable while showing your professionalism. Avoid jargon and steer clear of overused buzzwords. Write how people read when on a screen or mobile device: Short paragraphs with easily digestible words are generally best. If your role is highly technical, don’t dumb it down, but do make it readable.

5. The most impactful content: Reflect your accomplishments. Try to quantify them in a way that demonstrates how you produce results. List all your relevant skills – the key word here being “relevant.” Turn your summary into your story, bringing to life just what these skills mean and what a difference they can make to an employer.

6. Rocking recommendations: Seek recommendations from highly-placed individuals, colleagues, direct reports, mentors and others who know you well in a professional context. Shore them up offline and then place a formal request on LinkedIn.

7. Activity: Activity on LinkedIn raises your score in algorithmic search results. Post relevant information and comment or like others’ contributions. If you have a flair for writing, consider adding an article on LinkedIn Pulse. Share links, including media and marketing collateral.

8. An ever-expanding network: Follow relevant influencers for your industry. This puts a range of content in your feed, which you can then share with others. It also gives context to your profile and demonstrates your passion for what you do.

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