As a professional, you understand the importance of preparing for job interviews. You conduct thorough research, you prepare impressive anecdotes, you polish your resume and you conduct mock interviews to hone your skills. Preparation is extremely important, but many professionals forget that following up after an interview is equally important. The right follow-up strategy should show your enthusiasm for the position and reiterate your fitness for the position without coming across as desperate or pushy. These are the essentials to help you develop your follow-up strategy to a professional interview.

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Follow Up Begins During The Interview

Throughout the interview, you’ll be painting a picture for the hiring executive as to why you’re the ideal candidate for the position.  At the end of the interview, after you’ve asked thoughtful questions, make a brief closing statement that leads into asking about the next steps. Concisely summarize why you think you’re the ideal candidate, referencing points from the earlier conversation. Ask the interviewer if there is anything about your experience that might make them hesitate to make an offer, and then ask what the next steps will be.

Get Approval To Follow Up

The interviewer will let you know what their next steps and timeline will be, and at that point, express your interest in working with the company, ask if you can follow up and whether they prefer to be contacted via phone or email.  This reinforces your enthusiasm for the job, and lets you know when and how you can follow up appropriately.

Send A Thank You Letter

Immediately after the interview, craft a post-interview thank-you note to each person who met with you and drop them in the mail. Express appreciation for being given the time to meet, reiterate your interest in the organization and the position once again, and make a brief case as to why you’d be the perfect fit. Don’t forget to include any additional information you may have been asked to provide.

If The Deadline Passes, Reach Out

If you were told you’d hear back in one week, do your best to be patient and don’t jump the gun. Wait at least a day after the deadline has passed before reaching out, and make sure to use the interviewer’s preferred medium of communication. Remember that hiring for professional positions often takes longer than expected, and it is not uncommon for the timetable to be extended. If you follow up and don’t hear back, don’t make yourself a nuisance. Wait a few days before trying again. There is a fine line between an enthusiastic candidate and a pushy candidate.

If You Don’t Get The Job, Ask For Feedback

If you don’t end up receiving an offer or making it to the next round of interviews, reach back out and try to get some feedback from the interviewer. Hiring managers don’t always respond to such requests, but some do. If you are able to obtain feedback, use it to improve your chances on your next interview.

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